Monday, January 8, 2018

English 10 Blocks 2/4Homework for Tuesday
  • Read to the end of Act 3 in Romeo and Juliet and start the Act 3 Study Guide. Use the No Fear Shakespeare version to enjoy the modern English version of this classic story. We will write the Acts 2/3 test on Thursday, Jan. 11.
  • We will write the parallelism quiz on Wednesday, Jan. 10.
  • Complete the Act 2 study guide!
  • Did you write the Act 1 test?

Communications 12 Block 3Homework for Tuesday
  • The business letter mini-unit (3 business letters) is due Friday, Jan. 12.
  • We wrote the comma quiz on Thursday. Review these notes.
  • We finished a brief unit on poetry before Christmas. Make sure you get the notes!
  • Did you write the Part 3 test? Read to the end of The Chrysalids and complete the Part 3 Study Guide.

    English 12 Block 1: Homework for Tuesday
    • The Cornell notes on Chp. 1 will be due the first class after the Christmas break.
      • Do you want to read The Great Gatsby on an e-reader or smartphone? Check out this free epub version! (Right click and save!)
    • We will write the Chp. 2 vocab quiz on Thursday, January 11.