Wednesday, January 9, 2019

English 11 Blocks 1/2: Homework for Thursday
  • Read Chp. 24+ of October Sky for WednesdayWork on your 4th study guide!
  • Did you miss the 3rd October Sky exam? Read to the end of Chp. 20 of October Sky

    English 12 Block 3: Homework for Thursday
    • Complete your paragraph on "The Pigeon, Icarus".
      • In paragraph form and with reference to the poem, discuss the speaker’s conflicting attitudes toward the pigeons.
    • Did you miss the final Gatsby exam? It covers Chps. 7-9.
      • What does "to what extent" mean as a command phrase?
      • Review your schematic handout on essay types. Pay attention to the 2nd and 4th pages: simple compare and contrast and the single issue comparison essays. Both will be part of tomorrow's essay options.
      • Dare to learn! Take the Part 3 Gatsby Crossword Challenge!

      English 9 Linear: 
      Homework for Thursday
      • 5 marks: Define 4 words and/or phrases for each of the four poems handed out today.
      • Ready for the binder check?
        • Did you miss the poetry test? Review your notes and study these online Gr. 12 notes if you're up for a challenge.
        • Reread the poem handed out in Wednesday's class.