Planning 10 Issues

This page will be a trouble-shooting page for Planning 10 Online. Please come back for occasional updates.

11. 3.2

  • Don't upload your cover letter or resume; print them out and staple both to the 3.2 study guide.
  • Make sure you do your "interview" with an adult. A parent is best. If that doesn't work, come see me. We can arrange to do the interview at lunch time or after school in B111.
  • Speaking of the cover letter and resume, here is some advice:
    • Make sure both the letter and resume are centered on the top, bottom and both sides.
    • Place a colon (:) after the person you're addressing in the cover letter.
    • Indent every new level in the resume.
    • Make EVERYTHING consistent and symmetrical.
    • There must be NO spelling or mechanical errors.
  • Regarding the online cover letter sample, YOUR letter should follow the same format, but each paragraph should be much shorter.

10. 2.3 - Don't do the 2.3 project. Leave your project to the end of 3.3

9. 4.2.B Issues

8. Question on 1.4 online quiz (#6) doesn't add up. Are there two or three extra people in the car?

7. 1.2.D.8 - It should read HPV, not HVP.

6. 1.2.C.5 - The pdf or site "Alcohol Myths and Facts" doesn't seem to be there. Use either of these:

5. Planning 10 1.1.C - Link to 7 main items on Food Label is not totally clear; 1.1.C.2 is awkward & needs to be re-written.

4. Planning 10: 1.1.B - Apparently there is no Glossary #2 as implied in the instructions. Maybe we can't find it?


3. CoNNectEd Mod. 5 quiz: #7 option b: should be "task", not "take"

2. CoNNectEd Module 1 quiz #18 - awkward wording.

1. CoNNectEd "assignments" are not assignments. Perhaps they should be called quizzes because... they're quizzes!