Tuesday, December 19, 2017

English 10 Blocks 2/4Homework for Wednesday
  • Finish Act 2 in Romeo and Juliet. Use the No Fear Shakespeare version to enjoy the modern English version of this classic story.
  • Did you write the Act 1 test?

Communications 12 Block 3Homework for Wednesday
  • Did you write the Part 3 test? Read to the end of The Chrysalids and complete the Part 3 Study Guide.
  • Deadlines:
    • Finish the Vocab #3 sheet. The Vocab #3 quiz will be written on Monday.
    • We will write the Part 3 test on Tuesday.
    • We will write the comma quiz on Wednesday Thursday.

English 12 Block 1: Homework for Wednesday
  • Start reading Chp. 1 of The Great Gatsby and review your Chp. 1 vocabulary list for this Friday's first vocab quiz.
    • Do you want to read The Great Gatsby on an e-reader or smartphone? Check out this free epub version! (Right click and save!)
  • Did you complete "The Writing Test"? The test is multiple choice and will include the following:
    • Dangerous Language (Jargon, Euphemism, etc.)
    • Stylistic Devices (Statistics, Poetic Language, etc.)
    • Parts of the Paragraph and Essay
    • Types of Writing (Expository, Narrative, etc.)
    • Transitions
    • Quotations
    • Logos vs. Pathos
    • Formatting Titles
    • Review the 6 essays we read in class.
  • Did you write the in-class comparative essay?
    • Finish your two outlines for 1) "Tyranny of the Clock" / "If Hitler Asked..." AND 2) "I Have A Dream" / "If Hitler Asked..." (eight in total). You may use your outlines during Friday's in-class essay.
    • The essay must include a minimum of two quotations that are properly introduced and blended, as well as properly cited. You may, therefore, also use you quotation sheet during the essay.