Tuesday, June 12, 2018

English 12 (S2) Blocks 2/4Homework for Wednesday

English 10 Block 3Homework for Wednesday
  • Poetry paragraph #2: In a paragraph of 7-12 sentences, explain the contrast (ie. difference or change) in "House History". 
  • If not done, choose one of the poems from the 11x17 sheet and, in a paragraph of 7-12 sentences, explain its theme. Include 2-3 short quotations with citations. 

      English 12 Linear Block 1: Homework for Wednesday
      • Complete the first set of multiple choice questions in Part A of your provincial exam review package.
        • We are now starting our exam review. Show up to class! There will be marked assignments!
      • Did you miss last Thursday's poetry exam?
      • If not finished, complete the 3rd poetry paragraph for "November Sun".