Tuesday, June 5, 2018

English 12 (S2) Blocks 2/4Homework for Wednesday
  • Read Chp. 9 and finish the quote notes for The Great Gatsby. The 3rd exam is on Wednesday.
  • Consider the following topics:
    • 1.  Is Jay Gatsby a sympathetic character?
    • 2. How are Jay Gatsby and Sandor Hunyadi alike?
    • 3. Who actually killed Gatsby? 
    • 4. Compare and contrast Baz Luhrmann’s movie version of The Great Gatsby to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s original novel.
  • Miss the Chp. 5 tea scene?
  • Interested in an epub version of The Great Gatsby? Right click here and choose Save Link As. Then import it into any epub reader or epub phone app.

English 10 Block 3Homework for Wednesday
  • Read the remainder of Maus II. Finish the Part 2 study guide. It's due Wednesday, just before the Maus II test.
  • Your essay was due last Tuesday. Is it done?
    • Should 16 year-olds be treated like children or adults (or something in-between)?

      English 12 Linear Block 1: Homework for Thursday