Wednesday, June 6, 2018

English 12 (S2) Blocks 2/4Homework for Thursday
  • Did you miss the final Gatsby test?
  • Consider the following topics:
    • 1.  Is Jay Gatsby a sympathetic character?
    • 2. How are Jay Gatsby and Sandor Hunyadi alike?
    • 3. Who actually killed Gatsby? 
    • 4. Compare and contrast Baz Luhrmann’s movie version of The Great Gatsby to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s original novel.
  • Miss the Chp. 5 tea scene?

English 10 Block 3Homework for Thursday
  • Did you miss the Maus II test?
  • Your essay was due last Tuesday. Is it done?
    • Should 16 year-olds be treated like children or adults (or something in-between)?

      English 12 Linear Block 1: Homework for Thursday