Wednesday, October 10, 2018

English 11 Blocks 1/2: Homework for Thursday
  • Our first comparison essay will be due next Friday, Oct. 12. We will have no more class time for the essay, so this will be your homework.
    • The topic for the essay is as follows: Compare and contrast the movie Beyond the Reach with the original novel, Deathwatch.
    • Use a standard font at 12 or 14 size. Please use double or 1.5 space between lines.
    • Print it out before class!
      • If not finished, complete the following paragraph for "Gentlemen, Your Verdict". You may want to read these notes on point of view, too.
        • In a full paragraph, explain Commander Oram's dilemma and his solution. Do you agree with it?

      English 12 Block 3: Homework for Thursday
      • Read Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" and be ready for a quiz tomorrow. Review the plot, character, themes, setting and irony of the story.
      • If not finished, complete the following paragraph for "Say Yes":
        • In a full paragraph, explain whether or not the husband is racist.
      • Did you miss the 3rd UTROD test (Chps. 13-20)?
        • Also finish the 3rd study guide (10 marks) and finish the vocabulary words (5 marks). 

          English 9 Linear: 
          Homework for Thursday
          • Be ready for the 3rd spelling quiz on Thursday!
            • 1. argument
            • 2. article
            • 3. artillery
            • 4. anticipation
            • 5. ascend
            • 6. association
            • 7. athlete
            • 8. attempt
            • 9. attractive
            • 10. audience
            • 11. authority
            • 12. auxiliary
            • 13. awkward
            • 14. basically
            • 15. becoming
          • Finish your second technology paragraph, How does technology undermine our lives? as well as the first technology paragraph, How does technology enhance our lives? Finish both for next class on Thursday.