Thursday, October 11, 2018

English 11 Blocks 1/2: Homework for Friday
  • Be ready for the "The Sound of Hollyhocks" reading quiz. Be ready for a reading quiz on Friday. Consider plot, conflict, characters, narrative p.o.v., and the symbolism of the hollyhocks.
  • Our first comparison essay will be due next Friday, Oct. 12. We will have no more class time for the essay, so this will be your homework.
    • The topic for the essay is as follows: Compare and contrast the movie Beyond the Reach with the original novel, Deathwatch.
    • Use a standard font at 12 or 14 size. Please use double or 1.5 space between lines.
    • Print it out before class!
      • If not finished, complete the following paragraph for "Gentlemen, Your Verdict". You may want to read these notes on point of view, too.
        • In a full paragraph, explain Commander Oram's dilemma and his solution. Do you agree with it?

      English 12 Block 3: Homework for Friday
      • Did you write the quiz for Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour"? Review the plot, character, themes, setting and irony of the story.
      • If not finished, complete the following paragraph for "Say Yes":
        • In a full paragraph, explain whether or not the husband is racist.
      • Did you miss the 3rd UTROD test (Chps. 13-20)?
        • Also finish the 3rd study guide (10 marks) and finish the vocabulary words (5 marks). 

          English 9 Linear: 
          Homework for Monday
          • Finish your second technology paragraph, How does technology undermine our lives? as well as the first technology paragraph, How does technology enhance our lives? Finish both for Monday.
            • Make sure each paragraph is printed out before class! Go to the library beforehand!
            • Each paragraph needs a title and your name.
            • Designate one paragraph (presumably your best) for a "deep mark". I will mark this in detail out of /24. The other paragraph should be designated for a "quick mark". I'll quickly peruse it and give you a score out of /10. Your total mark will therefore be /34.
            • For the "deep mark" paragraph, you can add up to four bonus words from our 3 spelling lists. Each word can be used only once. If you use each word properly, I'll give you a half mark bonus, for a total of 2 extra marks on top of the /24. Make sure you underline or highlight each of these four bonus words.