Friday, November 2, 2018

English 11 Blocks 1/2: Homework for Monday
  • We started our poetry project today. It'll be due on Tuesday, Nov. 13. Start looking for a favourite song and/or creating your own poem. Also, try to find some (dusty?) poetry anthologies laying about on your mom or dad's shelves.
  • Bring you laptop to school next week!
  • Be ready for the confusing words test on Thursday, Nov. 8.

English 12 Block 3: Homework for Monday
  • For Monday, complete the following questions in full!
    • 1. What is the main point (thesis) of this essay? 
    • 2. Explain at least 3 major examples or illustrations in Parker’s essay. This should take at least three sentences. 
    • 3. Explain one stylistic device used in this essay. 
    • 4. Explain how this is an expository form of essay. This should take at least two sentences. Is it completely expository? Why or why not? 
    • 5. Evaluation: What did you like and/or dislike about this essay? Be specific.
  • Did you miss last week's editing exam?

      English 9 Linear: 
      Homework for Monday
      • Choose one of the remaining 4 articles in Chapter 2 of Interface. Read the article and write roughly a half to one full page of notes (roughly 8-12 points) on the key points and/or events in the article. Be even in your notes on a per page basis. I will mark the notes out of 10 on Monday.
      • If not done, complete the following questions for "Alice and the Fawn":
        • 1.  Explain what happens in this excerpt from Through the Looking Glass. (2)
        • 2.  Explain the theme of this excerpt. (Hint: It has something to do with “labels”.) (2)
        • 3.  Why is this message important for everyone to understand? Explain. (2)
        • 4.  Characters can be symbolic. As such, they can add to our understanding of the theme. What do Alice and the fawn symbolize? (2)
        • 5.  Is having personal loyalties and traditions always bad? (2)