Friday, December 21, 2018

English 11 Blocks 1/2: Homework for Monday, January 7.
  • Be ready for Monday's 3rd October Sky exam! Read to the end of Chp. 20 of October Sky
    • Finish your Part 3 study guide and vocabulary. The study guide is due before you write the 3rd test, and the first part of the test is a 10 mark matching section on the vocabulary. 
  • Did you miss the pronoun test? Take a look here and here.

    English 12 Block 3: Homework for Monday, January 7.
    • Read Chp. 9 of The Great Gatsby (TGG) and finish one page of question notes for Monday. Detail and first person analysis counts! 
      • Interested in an epub version of The Great Gatsby? Right click here and choose Save Link As. Then import it into any epub reader or epub phone app.
    • Did you miss the second Gatsby exam on Monday? It covers Chps. 4-6. 
      • What does "to what extent" mean as a command phrase?
      • Dare to learn! Take the Part 2 Gatsby Crossword Challenge!
        • How are women portrayed in this novel?
        • How does wealth corrupt the characters of TGG?
        • Who embodies the American Dream? Does he?

      English 9 Linear: 
      Homework for Tuesday, January 8.
      • Ready for the binder check on Jan. 8?
        • Did you miss Friday's poetry test? Review your notes and study these online Gr. 12 notes if you're up for a challenge.
        • Reread the poem handed out in Wednesday's class.